Senior Reflection: Carrino looks back on his four years with the network

Senior Reflection: Carrino looks back on his four years with the network

The first time I was introduced to CBA Digital Network was during the CBA Open House in eighth grade.

My parents and I were talking to Coach Billet, as my dad had known him from years prior. Coach Billet was aware that I wanted to get a chance to broadcast basketball games, so he introduced us to Mr. Lutz, or the “Pat Riley” of CBA Digital Network.

Everything that happens with the network goes directly through Mr. Lutz. Essentially, Mr. Lutz is CBADN. He is the teacher that gave me an opportunity to do what I love and begin what I eventually want to do as a career someday. 

That day at the Open House in eighth grade is when I made the decision that I would be joining CBADN, not fully grasping how important this would be to the last four years and the rest of my life. I started out as a freshman and proudly can say I am the first “four-year” CBADN member ever. Everyone in the network at the time was almost two years older than me, so it was a little intimidating, but I really enjoyed it. 

I wasn’t on air as much as I would be in later years, but I was honestly enjoying the experience and met some kids that I really enjoyed being around everyday, something that made the eventual CBADN homeroom so special. It became a time in the morning that you spent with a lot of students you’re very familiar with and that had the same interests as you. That made it tough to eventually say goodbye to my older CBADN friends at the end of sophomore year, but I knew there were bigger things on the horizon. 

Junior year meant that I would become head broadcaster for the network, but there was something even bigger that developed during junior year: partnering up with my friend Hugh Straine. In my CBADN career, I called the most games with Hugh, and as we grew together, I can say that he is my favorite partner I have had. Between soccer and basketball, some of the games and moments that we called together were absolutely iconic and I’ll never forget them. 

The network went through a Covid-affected junior year when we called just a few soccer games and a shortened basketball schedule in a nearly-empty gym. That made the atmosphere during my senior year – with Covid restrictions lessening – even more memorable. Hugh and I had the chance to call electric basketball games such as Marlboro and RBC, which felt otherworldly. The energy in the Varsity Gym for big time matchups is – in my opinion – one of the best atmospheres in the state. When I pictured broadcasting for CBA my freshman year, that is exactly what I imagined. And it ended up being even better. The games and the atmosphere around them created memories that will last a lifetime and I am forever grateful for them.

The CBADN Class of 2022 is one of the best ever, and every single one of us played a role in improving the network. I think that the CBADN – and the role Mr. Lutz plays in it – is so unbelievably important to the Academy. It gives a one-of-a-kind opportunity to students like me who love sports and sports broadcasting. It was undoubtedly my favorite part of my CBA experience. I can’t thank all the members of CBADN enough: Ragan, Hugh, Ern, Doogs, Nards, Tsimbinos, Nooch and Heite (times two if you count Jon ‘20). You guys all made me and and CBADN better through your efforts and dedication. 

And to Mr. Lutz, as your first four-year member, I just want to say thank you. It has been an honor to see the CBADN grow over these last couple years and you are mostly to thank for it. Your passion for the network and the students in it is unmatched. I just want to say thank you for showing up and working hard everyday, giving me and students just like me a platform to do what we love. 

All the best.

Carrino and his partner Hugh Straine teamed up to call over a dozen games together in the last two years.