Top 10 Foods To Put On Your Plate This Thanksgiving

Top 10 Foods To Put On Your Plate This Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving. One of the best times of the year. A great holiday in itself, but also the point where a sort of switch flips and everyone gets into the Christmas spirit. A day filled with family, football, and most importantly…food. As a kid who takes food very seriously, this is one of my favorite days of the year. Without further ado, here are our top 10 foods to put on your plate this Thanksgiving.


  1. Rolls


A pretty boring way to start off this list, but it’s tough to go wrong with sweet rolls. Great option for priming your stomach when getting ready for the big meal ahead.


  1. Cranberry Sauce


Cranberry sauce is a classic. It’s always just kind of lurking around the table and no one really knows what to do with it. Do I just eat it? Do I put it on something? Great taste, but brings added stress to Thanksgiving dinner.


  1. Apple Pie


Tough to beat apple pie. No matter how much you devour during the first course, everyone still has room for apple pie. Another staple of this holiday meal.


  1. Mashed Potatoes


The first of three potato dishes on this list, but one must understand how different each one is. Plain mashed potatoes usually bring a garlic-like, more savory flavor.


  1. Green Bean Casserole


I have always wondered why this dish belongs on the Thanksgiving table. I don’t think I have ever seen this made anywhere else by anybody ever, besides on Thanksgiving. It sounds pretty unappetizing, but I am a huge fan.


  1. Pumpkin Pie


The best dessert a bloated, tired person can ask for. Easily the best second course option on Thanksgiving, it doesn’t get much better than pumpkin pie. I’ll tell you right now I’ll be eyeing this down tomorrow.


  1. Cheesy Potatoes


This one doesn’t really have a name I don’t think, but it is what the title says. Sliced whole potatoes baked in a pan under lots of cheese. Coming from a kid who is lactose intolerant, I can’t even pass this up when the time comes.

  1. Stuffing


The perfect complement to the main dishes, stuffing is always a fan favorite. You won’t see anyone with a full plate of it, but probably everyone with access to it will have some on their plates.


  1. Turkey


Here it is. The staple. The King. White meat or dark meat, the turkey brings everyone together. This is what this holiday is all about. Can’t wait to take this down Thursday afternoon.


  1. Sweet Potatoes


I am a little biased here since sweet potatoes are my favorite food in the entire world. There is so much you can do with these orange roots this Thanksgiving. Just serve the potato baked, mash them, or make a casserole out of it. This is definitely what will be taking up the most of my stomach capacity.