Need a laugh? Watch these comedy movies

Need a laugh? Watch these comedy movies

We are all asking a question when we wake up each day: “what am I going to do today?” To make your life a little bit easier, and more entertaining, here are my top-five comedy movies of all-time.

5) 21 Jump Street

The first film on this list is a hilarious one. In this film, two cops named Schmidt (played by Jonah Hill) and Jenko (played by Channing Tatum) go undercover as high school students to catch a dangerous drug dealer. This film is fifth on my list because of the great blend of action and comedy, both of which are non-stop. The chemistry between Hill and Tatum is downright fantastic. The movie also moves very quickly and delivers an action-packed finale that’ll just make you want to watch the sequel (22 Jump Street) immediately after finishing the first film.

4) Hot Fuzz

This Edgar Wright directed film features Simon Pegg as a police officer who is investigating a series of mysterious murders around a small English town. That’s all I’m going to say about this movie, since I went into this movie knowing nothing and came out of it loving the entire thing. While this movie is definitely funny, it is also expertly written and directed as well. I can guarantee you that you will not be able to guess how this film is going to end. The twists and turns in this movie are shocking and hilarious. I recommend this movie to anyone who wants to watch an expertly crafted film, but also wants a few laughs. 

3) Zoolander

This is an all-time favorite of mine, and it will always be one of the better executed comedies I have ever seen. This film has Derek Zoolander (played by Ben Stiller) as one of the best male models in the world, but when he loses an award to Hansel (played by Owen Wilson), he becomes miserable and an easy target for Mugatu (played by Will Ferrell), who brainwashes him in order to assassinate the Malaysian prime minister. I know, this plot is ridiculous, but that is what makes this movie so good. Boosted by this ridiculous plot and a stellar cast, Stiller gives the funniest performance of his career, making it a “must-watch.” Do yourself a favor though, and don’t watch the sequel after watching the original. 

2) Step Brothers

This is a film that is sure to be on everyone’s list of favorite comedies. It tackles what life would be like if Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly were to become step brothers. Ferrell and Reilly have tremendous chemistry, making it a totally believable match that these two could be step brothers – featuring constant bickering. The supporting cast is fantastic, which leads to some classic comedy with Ferrell and Reilly. This is just one of the many great Adam McKay directed comedies.

1) The Hangover

After recently re-watching this comedy, I can easily say that it is my top choice. One of the greatest strengths of this film is the simple, genius plot. Four friends spend a weekend in Las Vegas before Doug’s (played by Justin Bertha) wedding. The three other friends – Phil (Bradely Cooper), Stu (played by Ed Helms) and Alan (played by Zach Galifinakis) – wake up one morning unaware of anything that happened the night before, and are missing Doug. Because Doug is getting married the next day, the three friends need to try to remember what happened the night before. Cooper, Helms and Galifinakis’ interactions with one another are hilarious. Blended with short, crazy stints of actions, twists and turns, and a downright hilarious cameo from Mike Tyson, this film really has all the pieces to make an unforgettable comedy. Plus, the two additional sequels to this film are actually very good in my opinion (and actually add to the first movie), but none of them could top how great this first film was.